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Welcome to the website of Enniskillen R.P. Church. My name is Robert Robb and I am the pastor of the congregation. We are a Bible based, evangelical and reformed Church which holds firmly to the great doctrines that were rediscovered at and proved to be the basis of the 16th Century Reformation in Europe and in Scotland. We are part of the Reformed Presbyterian Church in Ireland, with sister churches in North America, Canada, Australia and Japan.

Our Church building is located at 153 Sligo Road, Enniskillen, just beside the roundabout. We are a very warm and friendly church. Our desire is to minister to all sections of our local community and extend a warm invitation to you to come along and worship with us. If you want to find out more about God, and of sin and salvation, who Jesus Christ is, what it means to be born again and how we are to live before God we would urge you to come and join us as we gather around His Word each Lord's Day (Sunday). 

We hope you enjoy browsing our site and if you are a member of the local community, we would invite you to come along to our church. If you are coming to Co Fermanagh for a holiday then you would be most welcome to join us while you are here.

We would like to encourage you in your devotions by using Lets Worship God. They are Biblical daily reading notes which can be used either for personal or family worship and include questions, a suggested Psalm for singing and a verse for committing to memory. This is an excellent way of working through books of the Bible. Please click here.

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Upcoming events

Visiting Speaker: Rev Wallace McCollum

31 May, 11.30am

Visiting Speaker: Rev Wallace McCollum

31 May, 19.00pm

The Life and Times of Joshua

07 Jun, 11.30am

The Church

07 Jun, 19.00pm

Come join us

Whether you live in Enniskillen, or are just visiting, we would love to have you join us on Sunday morning at 11.30am, or Sunday evening at 7.00pm. We meet at 153 Sligo Road, just at the local roundabout. Map of our location »